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Aug 222013

Chocolate Almond Cookies_Title

This week, I visited my friend, who is an amazing cook. She introduced me to these chocolate cookies with almonds and oats that she had baked over the weekend. They were so delicious that I could not resist my temptation to bake these yummy chocolate almond cookies as soon as I got back home!  Thank you for this amazing recipe, Chai! These cookies are soft and perfectly chocolate-y! I replaced egg in the recipe with flax meal – and the cookies tasted no different from the ones she had made!

Flax meal

Dark chocolate chips for some extra chocolaty flavor!
Chocolate Chip

I just realized I use a lot of almonds in my cooking. They are healthy and tasty! They also give the required crunch to many of the treats…
Almond oats collage

Chocolate almond cookies ready for baking

Chocolate Almond Cookies_Final

  3 Responses to “Eggless Chocolate Cookies with Almonds and Oats”

  1. These look delicious, I plan to bake soon, will let you know the results

  2. Hi Archana these cookies are very different yet delicious cookies with coffee flavor. I think next time I would bake a little longer to get more crunch, Thanks!

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